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Q: How does the adoption process work?

A: If you see a puppy listed on our website that you are interested in, simply contact us by phone, text or email.  We take deposits through check or Venmo.  If the puppy is older than 6 weeks, you can come visit.  Before 6 weeks we can FaceTime only because puppies have not had their first shots and are very susceptible to various conditions brought in by visitors.  

Q: At what age can I pick up my new puppy?

A: The very earliest a puppy can go to its new home is 8 weeks old.  Sometimes 10 weeks is better as puppy is such a young baby at 8 weeks and may need another week or two before it is ready to transition to its new home.  We will determine the best time for each individual puppy.

Q: Does my new puppy have dew claws?

A: We remove dew claws in the first week of life.  

Q: What will my new puppy come with?

A: Our puppies will go home with a blanket with the smell of mom and siblings.  A puppy pack from Great Lakes Pet Food includes sample food, meat treats, valuable information,  and food scoop. We often send a small crate home as well that is perfect for early crate training.  Vet record and vaccine schedule as well as any other information that is specific to the individual puppy.

Q: Will my puppy have their first shots?

A: Yes, they will have their first combination shot as well as 2(usually) parvo shots.  They will also be regularly dewormed.

Q: If I have put a deposit down, when can I choose my puppy? 

A: We will have a puppy pick day after first shots at about 6 weeks.  Puppy pick is in order of deposit.

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Deposits are not refundable but always transferable to another litter. 

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